Pre-Sell On Autopilot.

Education infrastructure that pre-educates, pre-qualifies and pre-sells your patient leads.

The Problem

No Automated Indoctrination Process

Not having something in place to systematically filter, sort and pre-educate your patients based on how intentional they are working with you - is like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. Then using your face to eat it.

Our Solution

The Ethosphere


An indoctrination infrastructure specifically designed for innovators to digitize and democratize their knowledge to build authority and perceived value.

Who is this Right For?

  • You have to repeat the same knowledge over and over
  • You struggle with patients not being right for you
  • You want patients to come in pre-educated and pre-qualified
  • You want to have leverage to share your message, on-demand
If that sounds like you...

Then Leverage is for you.

The Old Way To Educate Your Patients.

The Old Way To Educate Your Patients.The Old Way To Educate Your Patients.

Consults pass information back and forth between you and the patient - in real time. This keeps you beholden to 1 place. 1 time. 1 patient. You have scaling issues and you sharing the same information day in and day out. This is inefficient.

Indoctrinate Your Prospects, Digitally.

Indoctrinate Your Prospects, Digitally.Indoctrinate Your Prospects, Digitally.

Imagine connecting with your patients with videos that are designed to pre-educate, and pre-suade them before you speak to them. Imagine being able to remove the time explaining - and instead connect with the patient deeply knowing they've self-qualified themselves.

On-Demand Time Savings.

On-Demand Time Savings.On-Demand Time Savings.

You can share your knowledge 24.7.365. Both you and the patient save time. They save the inconvenience of not knowing exactly how you can help before they come in. You save time knowing they are much more qualified and intention about working with you. This solidifies your practice is innovative and state-of-the-art.

Without Leverage
  • Wasting time and energy on tirekickers/hagglers
  • Unqualified and unintentional prospective patients
  • Hard to track, replicate, duplicate or control results
  • No clear indoctrination process
With Leverage
  • Patients come in pre-educated
  • Pre-framed and intentional on working with you
  • Clear metrics, standards and attribution
  • Control of the indoctrination process

What Our Clients Say

We were doing something unique. We needed something that was custom to us. We’ve worked with 13 different marketing agencies & consultants, nothing worked. Etho brings the patient offer development, the systems, the leverage and the marketing. It’s layers deep of new ideas that create sustainability and predictability.

Rob DeMartino
Superior Health Solutions

He won’t admit it, but JonCameron is the best growth consultant for innovative doctors.

Chris Cormier
The Nerve Health Institute

It hasn’t been easy. The problem is keeping up with the growth of my practice since we got the program. We’re hiring people as fast as we can, and almost have a month waiting list just to get in as a new patient. It’s been the most excited time in my practice career.

Kevin Lenderman
Kevin's Wellness Clinic

Etho helped me go from over 2,000 patients in my panel taking insurance, to 290 paying cash AND I’ve 2x’d my profits. The patients we work with now WANT to get better, and it’s more rewarding. Now, I spend more time being the CEO of my practice and being with my family.

Shelby Frost
Five Springs Health

Etho has been instrumental for my practice. They helped me go from charging by visit and people scoffing at $200, to offering $7,500 packages and patients saying "Is that all?"

Jennie Cho

Etho has taught me how to transcend my imagined constraints and think far above where other practitioners dare to think.

David Cunningham
Infinity Health & Body

I know I'm on to something, I just needed someone to help me bring it into fruition. First day we turned on the system, we got a $4,500 sale.

Glenda Davis

In 5 days of doing this process. I have already closed two $10,000 6 month clients in two days! In the past I was shying away from that offer and dimming it to my lesser package which was $5,500. Just the videos alone are giving me confidence and validating I have a lot to offer.

Blythe Landry
Blythe Landry Coaching
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