Who We Are

Helping Innovators Dominate.

Etho is a full-stack training company. Our focus is ensure healthcare innovators can educate patients past sickcare to provide the impact necessary to transform healthcare.

At Etho, we are obsessed with providing “can't-find-this-quality-anywhere-else” type of products, services and consulting to our customers, clients and partners. We do this by getting in the trenches with them, getting bloodied up and sharing not only the wins, but the failures as well.

Innovation and "failure" are narrowly separated — we look to be your shield and sword.

For you to be equipped to play an incredible offense, and when necessary an impenetrable and dependable defense. To give you the confidence that your care can go to that next level.

Problem We Solve

Innovative healthcare providers find it difficult to find, educate and monetize the value of their care to patients stuck in the "sickcare" paradigm.

Our Mission

To create 1 Billion Years of vitality for the world.

Our Vision
To Eradicate Disease for human civilization.

Our Ethos

Outcome Obsessed

We obsess over what will make the most impact in helping our customers, clients and partners create outcomes they want. We focus on the end result, then work back from there.

Innovate Impossible

Our work is living on the edge of impossible. If it doesn't exist, we create it. If it's never been done before, we do it.

Long-Term Focus

Achieving our vision is the focus, which makes our focus the long-term mission, not short sighted “hacks”

Relentless Evolution

We never stop evolving. Learn. Create. Measure. Adapt. Repeat.

The Phalanx

We win the fight for our customers, clients and partners by holding the line and protecting each other.

No Shit Work

Always eat your own cooking. Create products and solutions that you are proud to deliver.

7-Star Mindset

What experience is worthy of not "just 5 stars" but beyond that to 7-stars. How can we model that for those we serve.

Radically Transparent

Having radical transparency will allow for us to communicate at the highest level. We can find the truth, and move past the politics and smoke & mirrors.

Who We Are Not For

Profits Over Patients

Let me be clear.

I want you to make handsome profits, but not by screwing over or seeing your patients as an "ATM". That is a dealbreaker for us. We have turned down numerous practitioners who exposed (typically on accident) they were willing to expense their patient results for profits.

We will not allow this. If that is how you think, please leave our site.

"Get Rich Quick" Mindset

We can absolutely help you condense timeframes and make the process easier, but success is hard work. If you expect something for nothing — Etho is not right for you.

We can simplify the process with frameworks, strategies, tactics and specific nuances. We can give you a custom roadmap and step-by-step plans, and depending our engagement, even do some of the work for you... That still doesn't make it EASY.

Every inch must be earned. Any and all results you see are from people who showed up coachable, were decisive and resourceful.

They did everything we asked them to do, and they persevered through setbacks, overwhelm, and the resistance to growth. Most importantly they broke through comfort zones.

Comfort is the currency you exchange for growth.

Don't Provide Incredible Results

When we dive into helping you build your patient offers, we are going to typically suggest the lowest price be $5,000. For that to be worth it for the patient to invest in their health, you must be damn good at what you do.

It's already hard enough bringing innovation to market, and if you can't prove or demonstrate to an already skeptical market (rightfully so) — Then you will struggle to breakthrough.

That I can guarantee.

Your care must be able to add vitality to the world. To be able to unlock a new future for that patient who would have otherwise been in pain, suffered, or struggled physically, emotionally or mentally.

If you can't provide those type of results — than no offense, we're most likely not for you.

Not 100% Committed To Impact

The ethos of our business is built around one core question:

"How can we help Ethos customers, clients and partners get the best results, with as little time and friction as possible?"

The positive or negative feedback from customers, clients and partners helps us create and iterate better solutions. We ask because we are committed to being the best.

When we make decisions in our business, what we charge, how we deliver our product, programs and services — these factors are top of mind.

We will expect the same from you.

Who We Are For

We are right for the healthcare innovator who provides incredible care and creates health outcomes that some would even say are "unbelievable".

We have the amazing fortune of working with people who can reverse and resolve diseases that would be written off by the traditional healthcare system.

We are right for the person who wants to avoid their help patients using drugs, injections or surgery.

We are right for someone who is coachable, decisive and resourceful.

We are right for someone who knows that knows if the patients could just understand what they do, they could breakthrough and grow to 7, or even 8 figures.

If that sounds like you, than click the button below and check out our latest demo on our Growth Codex. We will breakdown how we help our customers, clients, and partners build the practice of their dreams.

Stuck relying on referrals or cookie cutter marketingStuck relying on referrals or cookie cutter marketing

The Old Way

Stuck relying on referrals or cookie cutter marketing. Stuck having to convince patients to invest in their health. Stuck having to sell, haggle, undercharge and devalue your care. Stuck feeling like you're fighting an uphill battle. Stuck competing with the sickcare paradigm.

Having control of your own customized patient acquisition systemHaving control of your own customized patient acquisition system

The Etho Way

Having control of your own customized patient acquisition system. Patients understand who you are, how and what you do, and why they need to work with you. Patients ask you to buy the transformation you provide at premium prices. Dominating your space, innovating and going to the next level, while creating the future of healthcare.

Word From Our Founder

Since 2017, I have worked with cash-based and innovative healthcare practices struggling to create a consistent way to grow these types of practices.

I ran into the problem of offering just marketing — as a previous agency owner.

For years, I worked with practices and their owners to help generate revenue by attracting patients to their business.

For the majority of the time, the results were inconsistent.

Some clients could get great results, others not so much.

It frustrated me so much that there were times I wanted to throw in the towel.

However, each time I would boil down and dissect the problem, diagnose it, then fix it.

The challenge came when there wasn't a singular focused solution.

It was incomplete.

We would help the owner and staff with their business front end, middle or back end issues – depending on what they needed.

Since being hired that purpose, I had no way to create the end-to-end control necessary to confidently - because to grow, it required more.

To look at the other variables of a practice like…

  • Patient Offers.
  • Care Plan Development.
  • Patient Experience Design.
  • Qualification Systems.
  • Metrics & Controls.
  • Patient Education.
  • SOPs.
  • Hiring & Firing.
  • Culture.
  • Advertising Channels.
  • Economics.
  • Etc, etc, etc.
  • Admittedly it’s a long list.

Practitioners needed a full-stack solution that can be installed inside of the business.

Which is our focus — to create the world’s best business model & technology for innovative healthcare.

So I created a model, built systems and levers that got consistent results based on these findings, and cut out all the BS, and focused only on the signal.

It only became 3 major steps.




To install these things for every practice required herculean effort and thinking, but I was obsessed with giving the power back to the practice owner.

So March 2020 I thought...

"What if I could give practice owners everything they need to stop competing against sickcare, and dominate the marketplace to create the impact we need?”

So I created Etho.

Complete front-end, middle, and back-end control.


An end-to-end system.

Predictable and consistent.

Something that could be set up in less than 2 months.

A solution that empowers the practice to never need an agency again.

To have full control of the direction of their business.

While shedding the light on the things that have been in the dark.

All they would need is to have the skills and knowledge transferred to them, and have someone coach and consult them through any main challenges, like a sherpa.

A collaborative effort to the summit.

I decided that this would be the way to truly help transform the clients' practices.

To have the support needed to see it through and hold them accountable to result.

To create a bigger impact.‍

This is why I created Etho.

Through this, my vision is to add 1 billion years of vitality to the world.

With Etho, you will have everything necessary to bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to go and find the patients who want the same.

JonCameron Johnson
Chief Growth Architect
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